Friday, February 13, 2009

One Day I'll Fly Away

Just wanted to share a bit of myself in this post as up until this point they have all been somewhat impersonal and, of course, related to education which is my passion (but not my entire life). This evening my husband (of 20 years whom I love more than life)  said, "You talk about school too much."  So here it is- my post about me. I am very sentimental and cry very easily. My favorite food is bread, and my ideal daily menu would be: smoothie for breakfast, big gourmet excessive lunch, and bread, butter, wine and cheese for dinner.  I talk too much and listen too little. My daughters know me better than I know myself and I wish I were more like Ghandi and the Dalai Lama. I love to read religious texts. I love animals and small children and my favorite recent movie was Moulin Rouge. I wish I went hiking more and driving less, although having lived in LA and DC I am very used to driving and really don't mind it at all. I love to travel and I hope I am remembered by my students as someone who loved them and had high expectations and was fair.  I recognize how far I am from enlightenment and yet I strive for it everyday. I love Lou Reed and David Bowie and Madonna and the Beatles and Dave Alvin and X and the Sex Pistols and Johnny Cash. Sometimes I see a glow around things in nature. My children are completely awesome and I wonder how on earth I birthed them. I love to sit in the hot tub and drive fast cars and go to the library and drink coffee and eat sushi and travel in foreign countries and watch my son set up StarWars lego wars. Thanks for reading, and I promise my next post will be about education.


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Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! said...

Thanks, I enjoy a little personal info too :)